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Walter Tosto WTB

Headquartered in Bucharest, Walter Tosto WTB is an industrial company belonging to the Italian Tosto Group, which operates in the Oil & Gas, Chemical, Petrochemical and Power markets.

With its 25.000 sqm covered, bridge cranes of 800 Tons and its unique facilities, Walter Tosto WTB is a leading worldwide company specialized in the manufacturing of critical items with a consolidated history in pressure vessels for the nuclear sector.

Previusly known as Fecne, the company was acquired in 2012 by the Italian company Walter Tosto SpA, which identified in the factory a potential opportunity for the continuation of its growth in the nuclear market.

Walter Tosto WTB’s infrastructure is now completely renewed with energy efficient improvements, new machinery equipment and modern facilities for employees.


Walter Tosto WTB s.r.l.

Sediul: Sos. Berceni nr. 104, Parter, Camera nr.1, sector 4,

Bucuresti – Romania

E-mail: –

Phone: +40-31.420.10.60 – +40-

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