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per_history_800Fecne SA Bucharest was one of the main suppliers of pressure vessels, heat exchangers and heavy welded structures in Romania.

The company started its activity as a part of Heavy Machine Works Bucharest (IMGB) established in 1968.

In 1980, under Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd (AECL), Fecne began to manufacture heavy welded components for nuclear power plants. In 1991 Fecne became an independent Company.

From 1998 it became a part of Kvaerner as Kvaerner Fecne SA.

In 2006 Fecne entered judicial reorganization and liquidation and in 2011 was bought by Romenergo.

In July 2012, Fecne, now known as Walter Tosto WTB, was acquired by Walter Tosto Spa, which, having identified a significant growth potential for the company, completely refurbished and reorganized the whole structure.