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The Biggest Bullets for LPG storage plant in Italy were successfully completed

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Ardea (RM), Italy. The construction of the first two LPG Bullets for the LPG storage plant of the company Fiamma 2000 has come to an end.

These giant tanks have a capacity of 5000 cubic meters, measure 60 meters in length, 10 meters in diameter and weigh 680 tons each.

Walter Tosto WTB has been awarded with the supply of 6 bullets commissioned by the customer for the second expansion of the Ardea storage site. The on-site manufacturing of other two bullets will start in the next days.

The CEO, Luca Tosto, commented: “These are the largest LPG Bullets ever installed in Italy in terms of size and capacity. I would like to thank all the technicians for their commitment to complete this important project”.