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Welding Course

The selections for the 2020 edition of the welding course are open!

The training course, entirely organized by Walter Tosto WTB, is aimed at hiring 20 young people. Since 2015, 213 participants have joined our staff.


Attendees will acquire theoretical and practical skills on different types of welding (SAW, Strip cladding, TIG, Electron beam welding, Weld overlay, GTAW, SMAW, FCAW, ESW)

Course location

Walter Tosto WTB, Bucharest


6 months + 6 months. Subsequently, a 2-year employment contract will be stipulated, to then evaluate the work path together.


Age between 16 and 20
Graduation in a professional school.

What we offer

Pocket money, free board and lodging, free subway passes, gym and leisure programs.

How to apply

Send your CV by e-mail to

Contact numbers: +40 | +40 737.211.532