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WTB Bucharest

SOS Berceni nr. 104, Parter, Camera nr.1, sector 4, Bucharest, Romania

Covered Area: 32.500 sqm

Uncovered Area: 87.500 sqm

WTO Oltenița

We own a private River Port in Oltenița where we currently make use of an existing temporary covered facility provided with utilities and water for hydrotest. All logistics are carried out by self-propelled trailers and mobile cranes, and our own access ramps to the river for roll-on and roll-off operations.

Workshop WTO (under construction)

SOS Portului, Tarla 4/2, Lot. Nr.2, Municipiul Oltenița, Judetul Calarasi, Romania

Covered Area: 7.700 sqm

Uncovered Area: 72.000 sqm